Social care sector

This course explains why the sector is changing and what this means​, places your role in context within the sector​, and helps you to make the case for digital skills courses and learning to support you and colleagues in the sector​.


1.1. Future of Social Care Sector

This course looks briefly at what Digital Skills are and why they are important in both the workplace and in everyday tasks using real life examples​ using the example of how to turn on a Computer and successfully connecting to the Wi-Fi, use email etc.


2.1. Introduction to Basic Digital Skills

2.2. Introduction to Email 

2.3. Introduction to Web Searches

2.4. Introduction to Social Media

2.5. Introduction to Video Calls

2.6. Tools for Collaboration

This course provides examples of different tools and app useful in the social care sector and makes some recommendations for caregivers ​concerning how they can be used.


3.1. Pill and Medication Reminder Apps

3.2. Brain Training Apps

3.3. Listen to Music with the Spotify App

This course provides you new insights regarding digital skills needed in the sector, explain how digital technologies could be used, and help you to train digital skills in order to be better prepared for future of work.


4.1. How is Job Changing in the Context of 21st Century Innovation


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