Arts and culture sector

This unit help you to discover what it takes to transform an organization to reap the full benefits of digital tools and data, and how to prepare to address our sector’s pressing digital challenges.​


1.1. Case Study: Freelancers

1.2. Case Study: Museum

1.3. Case Study: Theatre

This course looks briefly at how digital transformation can radically change how an organisation works, and explore what can be made in order to support it to survive and prosper in the digital era​.


2.1. Case Study: Freelancers

2.2. Case Study: Museum

2.3. Case Study: Theatre

This course  helps you to understand how new technologies can help cultural organistions to remain accessible and competitive in the new digital era.


3.1. Case Study: Freelancers

3.2. Case Study: Museum

3.3. Case Study: Theatre


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